Anchorage Democrats are organized and authorized to develop and implement activities designed to enhance the interests of the people of Alaska and Democrats representing the Municipality of Anchorage including Eagle River, Indian, and Girdwood.

To these ends Anchorage Democrats will work to:

  • Stimulate an active interest in governmental affairs in each District;
  • Recruit candidates of strength and good character for public office;
  • Support candidates of strength and good character who promote traditional American values of equality, fair play, and economic justice;
  • Insure all occupants of public office exercise their obligation to the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, the State of Alaska, and their constituents;
  • Provide every citizen with the opportunity for meaningful participation in the political process from the precinct to the Capitol;
  • Encourage voter registration and involvement in the Democratic Party for the purpose of advancing the American way of life;